Running. With Dog.

We went running tonight. It was warm and windy. I decided to take a test run with our dog Zieggy. Todd is out of town next week, and if I want to run, it will have to be at night. I don’t really like running alone at night, so I figured it would be more motivating if I took the dog.

So the test run – it was ok. Zieggy likes to go after the bunnies, squirrels, other dogs, tall grass… He is a little wild if I don’t keep him in check at all times, so I was concerned about the amount of energy it would take to keep him calm. And you know what? It wasn’t bad. I ran with him for the first half, and then Todd took him. And NOT running with a dog made me feel like I was running on air! So I don’t think having him on my own will be an issue.

I may not be able to run as far, since he jacks up my heart rate a bit…but as long as I am running a little bit, I will feel good.