Bitching and Moaning - I like to excel at everything I do

So, I don’t know. This is a rough week. It feels like a never ending list of “have to” with very little fun mixed in. Isn’t it strange how little can differ from one week to the next in the way of activities or responsibilities, and yet a kinked up attitude can shape it completely differently? What? You are not following me? I just think that perhaps the only difference this week from last is my attitude. This week – well, it sort of sucks. I am working, a lot. I am spending time with the boys, I am doing all of the normal stuff, but this week it feels difficult. Can you just hear my whining seeping through these typed words? I know – I am projecting at an “annoying level” of about 70 bazillion…but I feel so – well, ANNOYED! I cannot wait to move on to next week. There must be improvements, right? Right????

Biopsy results came back from the dermatologist. The nurse called and told me that it “showed dots on the vessels” – which… huh? She also mumbled something about thrombi or the rumba. I am not exactly sure which. What does that mean exactly? What kind of dots? I cannot google something that basic. Well, I can. I did. It was useless. They are sending the results to one of my other doctors, who will hopefully have a clue what that means. I am also hoping there is more in that report than that one line, because… well, if that is all there is to being a dermatologist, I could totally change careers now – WITH NO TRAINING WHATSOEVER. The medical community once again amazes me in their lack of knowledge.

That is about all of the complaining I can handle.