Staying In Shape

It is Monday. We have a whole new week ahead – full of working for the MAN, toddler wrangling, dinner making, house-taking-care-of, working out (more on that later), dog-poop-cleaning-up, kitty-litter-changing, laundry-doing, and a whole mess of other every day stuff. And although the have-to list for the week doesn’t make me break out in a huge grin, it doesn’t seem bad. I was telling a friend that I suppose it is all a matter of perspective. Last week so busy that there is very little they could throw at me this week which would top it.

The working out? Every day, baby. Every day. Starting today (bets on how long it takes to NOT do this?) I will be running 4-5 days a week, working out at the gym 2-3 days a week, and walking every evening with the boys.

I don’t anticipate running being much of a success at first. We are going to run at night after the boys go to sleep. I hate this time of day for running, but it beats 0-dark-30 at 5am. And since Todd and I have meetings throughout the day at different times, it is our only option for running together. I suppose we could both just run during the day whenever we get the opportunity, but then we are not spending time together, which would be nice.

As for the gym, I need some muscle. I would say I need to tone them, but that would assume I have some in the first place. Which I don’t. Being sick for so long took its toll on me, and it is time to get back in shape.

It is now lighter out at night, and the weather is warmer – so it is back to our schedule last year where we would walk around the big park after dinner every evening. We will feed ducks, watch baseball practice, and get home just in time for a bath and bed. I am looking forward to it.

So my plan for today is to go to the gym later this afternoon when my meetings are done and torture myself on the elliptical for 45 minutes. I am going to sign the boys up for spring soccer while I am there, and get a list of the current aerobics classes too. And that…is that.