A friends dog is sick. He has been sick for over a week - barely hanging on.

My friend is sick. She has nodules on her thyroid, and they are worried about cancer.

I have been sick, but they only blame stress.
A year of stress.
Does funny things to a person.


ABCs and 123s

Things I have learned:

  • When there is no deadline, no work gets done.
    My children will always use more minutes on their cell phone than there plan allows.
  • My dog will NEVER get tired of chasing his ball.
  • Jogging in 97 degrees is hard no matter what kind of shape you are in.
  • The difference between replacement and disruptive technologies.
  • There is something good that comes from every religion, and perhaps none of them are wrong - they are all different views of the same God.
  • Every sunset I see is more beautiful than the one before it.



I have two of the most amazing children on earth. It is true. They possess the ability to make me laugh, cry, turn red with embarrassment or anger. They are insightful, loving, driven, happy girls and are always full of wonder and awe.

They are also sneeky, strong-willed, opinionated, cocky, and way too cute to be trusted...ah, the challenge of children.