Go Away Flu

It is snowing here. In Texas. In March. There is a nice layer of ice covering everything and the trees look heavy. Our palm tree has branches almost touching the ground. It is freaky.

Yesterday I had a biopsy done – to try and figure out what is causing the strange blister things on my fingers/hands. They have a list of things that are possible, including endocarditis, clotting, or simply Behcet’s. I am sporting stitches in my right index finger (which are making it hell to type) and am anxiously awaiting the test results. I am also surprised that they take so damn much flesh for a biopsy. Who knew?

The flu continues to make rounds through our house. Roark is on version eleventy-billion now. The cough…it shakes our foundation. Brittany came home with it yesterday too – so that is fun. I am (knock on wood) cold free, but have some crappy stomach bug that has me puking 24x7. You are welcome – I love to share. And no, I am not knocked up.

Dinner tonight is going to be crappy drive-through food because I just don’t care to cook and I want to see Todd try to drive in the bad weather.

Now that the writers strike is over, it would be really freaking great if they would get off their asses and write some new damn scripts for the shows. I’m just sayin’