Within 10 minutes of writing that last note, Cole spilled his completely full milk; Roark drew all over the table with his milk, Cole missed the toilet when peeing, and I lost my mind, cleaned up, and took my horrible children home.

Early Morning and Whistles

The boys like to torture me. Apparently so do my friends. Cole started yelling because he couldn't find his flashlight - at 5:00 am. At 5:15 Roark started blowing a whistle - a whistle that Jayson, my friend, gave him last night. I now hate the flashlight, the whistle, and Jayson.

Because it is my morning to get up with them and I had zero patience, we are at McDonalds carb-loading for the day of errand--running torture that lies ahead. Everytime Cole runs away to play, he asks if I will miss him. Everytime Roark takes a bit of food, he wants recognition.

It is early. I am sleepy. And yet I am overwhelmed by how fun and silly they are.


The Job Front

I received a "ding" letter from a company today. This is significant for several reasons. 1) I have not actually applied for any jobs. 2) It was from the company I ALREADY WORK FOR. I replied with the following:

I am sorry to hear that I was not selected for the job that I did not apply for. Please let me know if there are any other jobs I am not applying to for which I am not qualified. If I do not hear from you, I will assume that I am qualified (and most likely automatically applying for) all open HP positions, and will of course have my pick.

I look forward to being your new boss.

All the best,


And we have...

ICE! Shut up. It's Texas...this is fun for us. It was 80 here two days ago.