Biopsy Diagnosis: Never gonna find out

The dermatologist was supposed to fax the results of my biopsy to my other doctor. Tuesday. It is now Thursday and it still has not been done. I have called. I have sent a letter of release. I have waited. Do they not understand how to actually use a fax machine? I am baffled at the hold-up. And I am also seriously doubting their ability to have done the biopsy properly given that they cannot even maneuver simple office machines. Tomorrow I suppose that I will drive over there and get the damn thing myself. It appears to be the only way to find out what in the hell is going on.

Cole’s back is MUCH improved. He doesn’t complain about pain anymore and finished his antibiotics today. They took off the outer bandages earlier this week when I showed up one week early for our follow-up appointment. Perhaps my lack of attention to detail will land me a job in my dermatologist’s office. It appears I possess the most important skill.