Spartan Spirit

When I was in high school, I was not sure that I would go to college. I remember what a HUGE deal it was for all of my friends – applying for schools, waiting for the acceptance letters to arrive, and sometimes getting turned down, and then deciding “HEY! I didn’t want to go there anyway!”

My mom could not afford to pay for my education, and I was overwhelmed by the cost. Student loans were of course an option, but the thought of all of that debt at such a young age was pretty scary. I decided to stay at home the first year, going to a local branch of Indiana University – even though my grades were good enough to go pretty much anywhere I had wanted. I took a few classes and I worked full time, saving money for the following year.

In 1987 I went away to Indiana University. I didn’t have to apply because I had been going to the local branch for a year. I simply signed up for classes and showed up. I think that I missed some of the fun of researching schools, applying, getting accepted. Watching Cassie do all of those things showed me what I was missing. A whole country of options out before her, selecting, getting excited…and going away.

I am so happy to see my daughter growing up, choosing to go to college, selecting a school, planning her future. I am lucky to be a part of it.

Cassie is officially a Spartan. Michigan State University is very far away… this is going to hurt a bit.