Fashion Don't

I do not claim to have a lot of fashion sense. I watch what other people wear, and find a few things that I think are flattering. Recently a catalog showed up and I found a skirt and top that I was in love with. I tore it out, put it on my desk and decided to finally order it. They were sold out of the top, which was what really made the outfit. The skirt alone would be just so-so. And I decided to pass on it. The combined outfit would have been ~150.00. I then looked online at my few favorite places – Tommy Bahama, Banana Republic, and others. I ended up at Nordstom and I have to say that I feel like I have gone back in time. Look at this. Go ahead. I can wait.

Don’t even look at the price (which may make you queasy) – simply look at the dress, at the model. What in the HELL? The 60s called – and they want their stuff back.