Run Like Hell

Monday did NOT lead to running. It led to carry out from Café Express, sofa-sitting and movie-watching. I like to think that watching I Am Legend burned calories, just by being in suspense…so it evens out, right?

This evening I was not really into the running either. Especially when my husband pointed out that I had recently committed to running several times a week, and had only run once since. I won’t say much about that discussion, but I can say that we won’t be having it again.

So – we did run tonight only because of the GUILT. And although we didn’t run far, it was good. I was just sitting here thinking that I love the endorphins and why, oh why don’t I run more often?

So tomorrow may bring running, or not. The girls are here, so it is hard to squeeze in a run, but perhaps in the morning.

Run like hell and get the agony over with. - Clarence DeMar