My Child-Filled Stupidity

Hindsight being the amazing, all-knowing, ass-kicking that it is – I would go back in time and never ever would have read anything on a childfree board.

I am amazed. I looked at an issue, thought about both sides, admitted my short-comings and was flamed. Some people were accepting of me, but overall – the hate…it rages. It is too bad… It is a shame that people care more about being deemed “right” as opposed to understanding why other people feel the way they do or make the choices they make. This goes for those pro and against having children.

I am not sorry I am a parent. I am not jealous of the childfree. I don’t want them to convert to the parenting life. I don’t think all childfree people had a shitty childhood, were abused, or even hate children. I don’t need to be accepted by every group to feel valuable as a person. I guess I simply (and naively) thought that we could see reasons behind decisions, shake hands and co-exist. Oh, I am so, so stupid.