Hush Now Baby

My husband saw me updating my blog and asked “Did you write about Roark the royal terror?” – which, well, no – I was not. But since he mentioned it….

Roark was a BUTT of huge proportions today. It started this morning and continued until his very last waking moment. It was very reminiscent of the olden days when he would power-cry all day long. He certainly gave us a run for our money.

Building a tower made him cry. Playing with balloons made him cry. Making a tunnel out of old cardboard boxes? Made him cry. Dinner, books, cars, trucks – all made him cry. The grocery store didn’t seem to cause much of a meltdown – but the second we got home we were ensconced with more of the boo-hooing.

Bedtime was a cry-fest of magnanimous proportions which started with him wanting to carry a truck upstairs, not carry a truck upstairs, and then – wanting to carry a truck upstairs. I should have seen THAT ONE coming a mile a way. He was crying so hard by the time we started reading books that he was hardly able to catch his breath.

He eventually settled down after a few books and went to bed when we were done. The second we left the room? SCREAMING! Todd decided that his ability to begin crying so quickly may have set a new world record. I tend to agree. And the reason he was crying? We had left the library books in his room.

Thank GOD he is now asleep. I certainly hope this isn’t the beginning of a new phase… I cannot imagine how we would deal.

You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance. ~Franklin P. Jones