Happy 4th Birthday Roark and Cole

This is from last night, celebrating the big 4. Face paint and stupid super hero T-Shirts... two things I really hate. This is a perfect example of how I have no control over my children and what they like. It is kind of cute in a disturbing way though.


Death of a Brush Guard

Part on ground should be connected


The Long-Ass Drive




The view from our room in Memphis is nice...but the NOISE is brain-numbing. I am totally wishing we had just driven home.



I am on a road trip to pick up Cassie from college for the summer. Brittany and Justin are with me. We stop by my childhood home so that I can marvel at the decline of the neighborhood and state of creepiness of the house. Decline, it has. And creepy, it is.

We look through the windows. It is vacant. A neighbor confirms that the owner has been missing for a long time. She thinks that the bank or city now own it. Parts of the siding have fallen off. The doors (all 4 of them) are locked - to keep things out? Or keep them in?

Justin notices that the front door is loose. It doesn't take much force to open it... We walk inside. There is no electricity. No gas. No AC. No heat. It is 80 outside, but around 60 in the house. It is damp smelling, like a cave, maybe. It is dirty...but empty.

We walk through the house and head to the basement. This is the part that I remember being so odd. I look down the steps. It is dark and full of webs. We head down the stairs straining to see. I head around the back of the steps toward the 'round room' - it makes me nervous and I glance briefly and leave. We look through the rest of the house and go.

At dinner (Barnaby's - oh dear god I love that pizza) we talk about going back and taking pictures. We want proof that it is as 'off' as we think it is. So, we buy a flashlight and head back.

Standing outside, we look up at the second story - the window that used to be mine...and in the bottom left corner ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE GLASS is a child's hand print. Why? How? WTF?

We go back inside and head straight to the basement. Standing at the top of the stairs I try to take a picture - but the camera won't focus and won't shoot. We are all a little freaked out.

We add some light and capture a picture. We take several more of the round room, the shower, the stuff that scares me, and we leave. Quickly.

There are several really strange things about that house. Doors. 4 of them leading outside. One is in the middle of a wall and makes no sense. One door in the house that leads no-where...or rather where a door USED TO BE which only led to the empty space above the basement stairs. Why would a door be there? It would just open above the basement and drop...hard to explain - but take my word for it, it served no normal purpose.

Then there is the hole. It used to be in the back yard. It was round. Maybe 3 or 4 feet wide and 10-20 feet deep. No purpose I knew of. It had a 'lid' on it. The have since filled it in and grown grass / weeds over it.

I am sure something terrible has happened in that house in the past. People killed? Rituals performed? Children or people held against their will? All of the above?

We bought the house from a man claiming it had been a Notre Dame rental. My mother paid 12 thousand dollars for it - fully furnished in the late 70s. I don''t know if it was a college rental or if the guy was just trying to unload it for other reasons...nothing would surprise me.

Pictures to follow.


Bunny Hutch

We bought Brittany's bunny a new cage...bigger and cooler. At this moment, the little fucker is EATING HER HOME. What gives you stupid rabbit?