82 and Chilly

We ran two nights in a row. I am officially a goddess. Ok – maybe not a goddess. Perhaps just a little bit less lazy. Still… I feel like I deserve an award.

It was close to 80 degrees here today, and I have to say to the sun “holy hell, I have missed you – never ever ever leave me again…I promise to treat you right, baby…please just don’t leave me” – or something less ridiculous that might entice the warm weather to stick around. It feels like we have had an everlasting winter and I am so freaking glad to see it go. Perhaps that is because I spent the whole damned summer in the hospital?

To celebrate the awesomeness of the warmth today, we went out to dinner – and SAT OUTSIDE! I imagine in a few months it will be 10 trillion degrees here. How excited will sitting outside make me then, you think? Well, seeing how the blood that runs through my veins averages lower than the temperature of the Antarctic Plateau, I doubt I will mind the stifling heat. Todd will attest to my constant cold. In all honesty, if it is below 83 degrees outside, I need a jacket. If it is below 60, you will see me with mittens. If it is below 40, you won’t see me outside. I will be holed up in the house, under blankets, crying. It is what I do.

Forecast for tomorrow: I may not even need a jacket!