If you are looking for Roark....he is in time out.

Tonight was a test in self control. The toddler-ness in my toddlers was at full force, as they pushed all of my buttons. And not the good ones. First there was the mulch/sand incident. I went to the bathroom, and upon returning found a huge pile of mulch and sand on the kitchen floor. There was a suspicious dump truck and guilty-looking two-year-olds nearby.

Then there was the franks and beans on the carpet incident. I had gone upstairs to retrieve pajamas for bedtime. Roark ran into me with the earlier guilty dump truck, and upon looking at it, I realized that it was filled with part of his dinner. As I looked into the living room, on the carpet was the rest of it.

The dump trucks are in time out in the garage. Roark is in time out until he is no longer two.