As we were walking after dinner, the boys took it upon themselves to have a little toddler conversation. It mostly centered around poop.

Roark: It is going to rain poop.

Cole: That car is pooping.

Roark: That big boy is pooping.

Cole: That rain cloud is pooping. Poop.

They continued this throughout our neighborhood while they sat in the wagon giggling. We past several people along the way. All of them were accused of pooping.

As soon as we left our neighborhood and crossed the busy street to the walking/jogging trail the poop talk stopped. The boys got out of the wagon and ran around collecting sticks. They pretended they were gladiators. They tried playing baseball with rocks, they chased squirrels. And then I suddenly remembered that we are potty training them, and they were in underwear. And – there was no potty anywhere nearby. So – back in the wagon they went and we headed home.

As soon as we hit our neighborhood the poop talk started again.

Roark: That bush is pooping.

Cole: That pool is full of poop.

Roark: Rain, rain go away. Come again another….poop.

Cole: Poop, poop go away.

Roark: Yeah! That’s how that goes!

Now, it may be just me, but is that their way of indicating that we have a shitty neighborhood?