Do Not Wake The Sleeping Toddler

Roark spent the morning whining and complaining about every little thing – items such as wanting to play with dominoes at the coffee shop, not wanting to play with dominoes at the coffee shop, the number of dots on those very same dominoes, not being able to stack the dominoes all in one tower – because they kept falling, buying toys (Who cries about buying toys? Who?), the rotation of the sun… Finally, in the car on the way to the car wash (which he actually WANTED to do), he fell into a toddler coma and is at this very minute snoring in his car seat. It is a good thing too, because throwing him into moving traffic was sounding like our best option a mere 20 minutes ago.

Cole spent yesterday evening crying and complaining about his boo boo – where they cut out the hemangioma on Friday. He was miserable – so much that we ended up giving him pain medicine an hour early (3 hours instead of 4) two times – just to keep it at a somewhat tolerable level. He finally fell asleep slightly before 10 – 2 hours after his normal bedtime. He slept all night, and although at 6:00am this morning he was saying it hurt, it seemed manageable with only 1 dose of drugs. It is now 11ish, and he has not needed any since this morning. He too is snoring in his car seat. Bliss.

Cassie has been stragely combative recently. Arguing with every little thing I say. It is like a return to four years ago, during what we refer to as her “dark year.” That was the year where she was so angry and evil, that we hate to ever verbally acknowledge that it existed. I hope this is not a return to that year-long-phase, and merely a grumpy month. However, if we are looking at 12 months of mouth and mean, at least most of that will be spent with her in MI or WA. If that is the case, I apologize for any attitude she brings there. We tried to raise a sweet, loving girl. I have no idea where we went wrong.

The boys are still sleeping. We are running out of errands to run in order to avoid moving them and waking them up.

Target – check

Home Depot – check

Kroger – check

Now what?

I have spent most of the day dreading next week. How sad is that? I have about 20 hours of meetings Monday and Tuesday and it is terrifying me. Vacations and Cole’s surgery, as well as other factors, have piled on the work and there is no escaping it. I really do wish I were independently wealthy and work wasn’t something I HAD to do. Taking care of the boys, playing all day, would be so much more satisfying. But the lack of income – hell. Grass = greener.