Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

PTBC has gone well. Today completes day 4, and we have made significant progress since Monday. The boys have very few accidents, although they still don’t understand that whole “poop goes in the potty” concept, so we are subject to cleaning up a lot of yucky messes. But the pee seems to be under control. They are now at the point where they will either sit on the potty themselves, or tell us they need to go – even if we are outside, at the park, or anywhere other than home. So – overall we consider it a raging success.

The first few days were horrendous. And by that, I think that a root canal without anesthesia would have been preferable. The boys did ok, but Todd and I were on edge constantly. We set the timer for every 15 minutes and made them sit on the potty – trying to get them used to using it. Accidents were frustrating, making them sit when they didn’t want to was frustrating, and we were tied to the house, which was frustrating. However, after a few days, we all relaxed a bit and things just…became easier. It is as if the whole “potty training process” was more for us adults than the kids – used to get us accustomed to things not going perfectly and learning to give the boys some independence.

I had an MRI today of my head. I think they are looking to see if my brain works at all. I could save them the trouble, and tell them NO, but they were not very interested in my medical opinion. Hmph. I was supposed to be sedated because the whole MRI, feeling like you are being buried alive thing sucks, but the valium and xanax they gave me did NOTHING. I was still freaked out and hated it. As soon as I got home though I was T-I-R-E-D and needed a nap. Figures.

In other news, I gave my husband a ski trip to Breckenridge for Christmas. We are headed there for 4 days without the boys in February. You have NO IDEA how excited we are about this. We did take one trip without them for a long weekend to Mexico a year ago, and it was wonderful. I imagine this will be even better. Just the two of us in friends condo – skiing, going out to dinner, playing cards, scrabble, doing naughty stuff – all the perfect components of a vacation sans kids. I think the girls are a bit jealous, but they will get over it.

Right now we are watching (reading) Pan’s Labyrinth. Not sure I recommend it –as it is a lot of work to read the subtitles and watch the movie – the lazy in me feels cheated. Will have to let you know what I think when it is over.

Tomorrow will consist of more potty training, laudry, paying bills, cleaning up the house a bit in preparation for the maids to come Monday, and a few trips to the dump to rid our house of Christmas boxes, rose bush cuttings, and old crap that we just don’t need anymore. Here is to de-cluttering!