Watching the Clock

Todd is in Dubai. I am home with the boys, the girls, the pets, and my thoughts. Right now I am thinking that I wish I was in Dubai.

It is only 10:00am and I am already looking forward to when the boys take a nap. Death Cold 2008 is in full bloom here, as it has been since it morphed from Death Cold 2007. This version of the cold (Version 7.0 for those curious minds out there) brings with it a nasty cough and a runny nose. The cough medicine then makes them tired and grumpy on top of the already tired and grumpy caused by the cold. Oddly, the cough medicine does not appear to help with the cough – which became very obvious at both midnight and 2:30am when Roark decided to wake up hacking up a lung. Both times I brought him into bed with me, and both times I ended up putting him back in his own bed after being kicked in the kidneys repeatedly by a thrashing, tossing, turning, coughing toddler.

So far today in order to appease them, I have read seventy gazillion books, watched the end of Cars, the beginning of Ice Age, colored, played cars, played trains, given them a bath, and am now watching (PRETENDING TO WATCH) Dora’s Pirate Adventure. I would imagine the rest of morning holds more book reading, movie watching, playdoh playing, baseball playing, soccer playing, lunch making followed by refusal to eat and pee-cleaning up.

Oh come on – you know you want to be me.