Death Cold, Round 2

The Death Cold has made its way full circle through our family and we are now in the midst of round 2. Cole is the latest victim. He ran a fever yesterday, although he didn’t act like he felt too bad, and then today it started climbing around 103. I know that high fevers are not a big deal in little kids, but it still makes me uneasy. Should we put him in our bed tonight? How often should we check on him? When did he last have Tylenol? Motrin? What is his temperature? Should we take him to the doctor?

This afternoon Cole started complaining about a sore ear…so off to the after-hours pediatrician we went. Neither of the boys have been sick much. In fact, they both have only been to the doctor one time for something other than shots / checkups…so we don’t really hang out there at all. But – I didn’t want to face a long night with a raging fever AND a possible ear infection. Turns out his ears are fine (of course they are) and he has a simple upper respiratory infection like the rest of the world. Now, if I had NOT taken him to the doctor, he would be dying of mange (or you know, something PEOPLE actually get…) but since I did the whole doctor thing, I ended up looking like an over-protective mother with a perfectly fine son.

Tomorrow is Potty Training Boot Camp, Day 1. We have Cars™ and Go Diego, Go™ underwear keyed up, along with robes, new books, plenty of movies, and no intention of leaving the house for days. Plan on being tortured by potty training stories all week long. I share because I love.