Strangest Movie - EVER

We have been trying to watch Pan’s Labyrinth for weeks. We will watch some of it, decide we don’t feel like reading subtitles and then turn it off. It is a very good movie – engaging, interesting, creepy…and yet the subtitles are giving me tired eyes.

We went out with some friends the other night to celebrate a birthday – yet another test of the newish “no drinking policy” around here. There was plenty of wine, crown, scotch, beer, and other drinks to go around, and yet we had none. I didn’t miss the taste at all, but I did still miss the way it loosens me up – makes it bearable to be with a big group of people I don’t know, without feeling like a social misfit. You would think I would have outgrown that in 8th grade, no?

Our home PC took a crap a few weeks ago, so now we only have our work laptops, which is going to be a giant pain as soon as the girls have something they need to do for school. I imagine we are going to have to remedy that situation sooner rather than later…oh how I love spending money. Speaking of which, we were actually UNDER BUDGET this past week. Nice way to push into the new year. Now if we can keep up that trend for a few more months we can make up for the crappy November and December we had due to birthdays, Christmas, and all of the stuff that happens this time of year.

I did some stupid googling on the odd sores on my fingers and palms and came up with Osler’s Nodes as a fairly good match. They are a result of vasculitis / endocardidtis (either auto-immune or infection of the heart). I love how specific these explanations are – either it is one thing, or something completely different. Huh. Apparently you don’t need to know a damn thing to be a freaking doctor these days. I totally chose the wrong profession.

I have to go back to work tomorrow, after being off all week. This just makes me sad. Work for a living? Unbelievable. I would much prefer sitting on my ass eating chocolate and planning our next trip out to the park or our next big vacation. But then, who wouldn’t?

OHMYGOD – they just sawed off a guy’s leg in this movie. He was a wake. Un-medicated. Insanity. The torture, the cruelty, the strange creatures – this movie is one of the strangest I have seen…