I fought the law, but the law won.

I am the proud new owner of a speeding ticket. 66 in a 55. I was actually going 70, but hit the breaks in time to get recorded slower. I showed them, didn’t I?

I used to have a very serious lead-foot. I was accustomed to budgeting a few tickets a year into my finances, and knew our attorney quite well. I am no longer this adept at the ticket-getting-out-of and now need to decide what to do. It appears that I get to choose between taking a defensive driving course (I don’t think so), deferred adjudication, or just paying the damn ticket already. Nothing fun there.

I was however surprised when the (dumb-ass) officer handed me a nicely printed ticket akin to what you may get from Hertz after renting a car. They have finally automated the whole process making it easier to read just how fucked you really are. Nice of them.