I was recently reminded of exactly how shy I was in high school. I received a message on classmates.com. I wander out there every few months just to see who has gotten fat, had kids, gotten married/divorced…you know, for fun. Well, I had a message from a guy I had known since 7th grade. I actually had a crush on him in 7th grade, but we were never really in the same circle in high school and didn’t talk much or hang out.

We emailed back and forth a few times – the typical information – married, kids, job, etc. He said that the one thing he really remember about me was how painfully shy I was. And, it is true. So horribly, painfully shy. I am very, very glad that I overcame that character flaw and that my kids don’t seem to have inherited it. I wonder when I changed? I wonder what made the difference?