Things I Learned Today

  1. The Curious George soundtrack is by Jack Johnson. I really loved the few Jack Johnson songs I have heard (at our local coffee shop), so it is no surprise that I like the music in that movie.
  2. My laptop has been getting all up in the Blue Screen of Death’s grill lately. And – I finally figured out that it only happens when I am not docked at work. Which means…well, maybe it means that it has to do with the wireless drivers I am using. Or there are poltergeists in our house and they are causing my laptop to freak the fuck out. One is just as likely as the other, don’t you think?
  3. My left mastoid is screwed. MRI scans came back stating things like “fluid collection within the mastoid air cells”, “irregular areas of linear enhancement within the fluid collection”, “frank inflammatory change” and “findings are worrisome for mastoiditis”. Which doesn’t really sound like a stellar report card. My mastoid has been seriously under-achieving. It is grounded.