More of the glass half full:

  1. I worked from home today, meaning I didn’t have to get all dressed up and drag myself into an office full of people I barely talk to anyway.
  2. I ate junk for lunch…and it was GOOD.
  3. I considered running, and then laughed so hard that I think I pulled a muscle. I consider that exercise.
  4. The boys did not appear to take a nap from the sounds of it, so they will be really, really tired tonight and maybe even go to bed without a hassle.
  5. I am getting take-out for dinner, so I don’t have to cook.
  6. I painted my nails bright pink. They are festive. They are also getting long. They were acting all puny and short for a while, but are looking much better lately.
  7. My house is freaking SPOTLESS. The cleaning people were here yesterday and for some reason decided to break out the steam cleaner and did the carpets! Our carpets were screaming to be cleaned. They look very, very good.
  8. My VPN is not working, so instead of working on work stuff I am doing things that are fun instead.
  9. I have pinpointed my blue screen of death issue down to only happening when I am using the wireless card in the laptop. When I use the broadband card, it doesn’t freak out. So – either I need a new driver or a new card, or something else. My technical understanding is at its limits…I won’t pretend to know more than I do.
  10. I placed a call to our company technical help desk and didn’t yell at anyone the whole time. This is a HUGE step forward for me.
  11. I am almost caught up on work stuff. I have a few people-related things looming and a huge project about to come due, but overall, I am not very far behind anymore.
  12. I feel pretty good today. Head? Stuffy. Cough? Losing a lung. Ears? Leaking. But – in spite of all that, I feel better than I have in weeks. It is progress. I like progress. I think I am at the tail end of this cold and I can finally see an end to it just around the corner.
  13. Todd is coming home tomorrow. He is gone – did I mention that? Because it sucks when he is gone. It is better when he is here. With me. I miss him, but he is back tomorrow…so YEAH!
  14. Tomorrow is Wednesday. The middle of the week already. Then, only two more days until the weekend. I know, I know…I am looking pretty far ahead, but it works for me.

Now of the glass half empty variety:
  1. Not only is my VPN acting up, but my handheld won’t download any of my mail. I have rebooted it to no avail. I am dead in the water as far as work goes at the moment, and at 3:30 on a Tuesday afternoon…this is NOT a good thing.