Boot Camp, Day 1

Potty Training Boot Camp Day 1 went well, I think. It is hard to say… I wanted them to magically be potty trained, and yet we are not there…but, but, but – tonight after bath time, we had put diapers and pajamas on the boys and were hanging out until bedtime. All of a sudden Cole popped up with “time to go potty” and he stripped down and went to the potty – all by himself. I didn’t really expect this since he kept having accidents all day, but maybe, just *maybe* he is catching on. We have all week to find out.

Roark seemed to catch on a little better. While outside playing soccer with Todd, he stopped, ran inside, went potty, and then went back out to play. This surprised us both. Of course no more than 30 minutes later he had an accident. But – they are just figuring all of this out. Tomorrow will be better.

Our method – which may suck when scrutinized too closely – is to set a timer for every 15 minutes, and then have them sit on the potty. They don’t have to go, but they have to sit for a little bit. We have been reading to them (new books we were saving just for this) and talking to them and have movies on – just to keep them interested (or distracted really) until they pee. We also bought them their own special underwear (Cole picked out Cars and Roark picked out Diego) which they are excited about. They of course peed in them, but they liked them.

Tomorrow is PTBC Day 2. Should be a fun one. Cole has an appointment with a plastic surgeon for a hemangianoma he was born with and needs to have removed from his lower back. I can just picture taking the potty, changes of clothes, bribes, books – it will just be the MOST FUN EVER.