Atlanta - you suck. Give us back our stuff!

My husband just called. His rental car was broken into (thank you citizens of Atlanta) and pilfered. They stole his laptop, iPod (what will I do without music people?), Porsche keys (meaning I will have to drive to the airport tomorrow night and take him our spare set), his really cool Harman portfolio that cost an arm and a leg, and other miscellaneous stuff. Tomorrow happens to be the busiest day of the week for me since the girls are here, Brittany has driving class, Cassie has some class art project thing to work on, I am here with the boys, and now I have to go deliver car keys an hour away. My glass is nowhere near half full. I am sure Todd is just as annoyed - but this is all about me and my complaining...so we won't dwell on how it is inconveniencing him.