Somebody had better talk me off this ledge…

And I mean FAST. The crazy people have crawled out of the crevices today at work. Anything that could go wrong…did. I received calls from almost everyone about things that are either broken, breaking, alarming, frustrating, annoying, and just generally fucked up.

My ability to fix most of these things is seriously limited. I have fired off more emails and made more follow up calls on all of these different issues than any person should make in weeks, let alone a day. Yet, I have made little to no progress because I am spread so thin across seventy-billion issues.

This is one of those days where I want to pack my stuff up, drive to the dunes, and lay in the sun all afternoon…which is something I would have done high school when things were simply too overwhelming. Does this mean I am getting dumber / less tolerant / un-evolving? Shouldn’t the crappy stuff become easier with experience?