My daughter is compassionate and kind. She thinks of others above herself. She is happy when she is able to improve the lives of others.

Cassie came home from work last night and told us that her boss’s husband had suffered a heart attack. She recalled what helped us most when I was sick over the summer. It had been the kindness of others, by way of bringing food every evening, that made my family’s life so much easier. So, she immediately sprung into action and guilt-tripped everyone at work into bringing food to this person for the next two weeks. Everyone has signed up for a dinner – which is so wonderful.

I remember when I came home from the hospital – after having been in there for pretty much 3 months. My staff had brought dinner every night and continued to do so for 2 weeks after I came home. It made such a huge difference to me, to my husband, and apparently to Cassie.

On a lighter note, the boys will now chime in un-provoked and announce “that’s what she said” – and it even follows some perfectly inappropriate comments. I am so proud of them ... in a different way of course.