Shortly after we moved into this house I started having some strange dreams. I had the same dreams over and over again…usually not changing at all. It was creepy and then creepy some more.

See, the house we moved into was about 100 years old, and very strange. It had been a Notre Dame rental home for quite a while and I have to wonder if there was not some Satan-worshiping going on there at some point.

The house had a basement – as was normal in the north. You could come in the side-door of the house (one of four doors into the downstairs, which is really an odd thing to see – if you ask me).

The house was heated by oil, and had a room in the basement that held the oil drum which created the heat. That room was a small, musty, concrete room – nothing special, but not a place you would really hang out in. I would give it a creep-factor of maybe 4 (out of 10).

There was also a room in the basement that was completely ROUND. It was concrete as well. The round walls were concrete. It was painted red and had red carpeting. And dude, it was the ultimate creep-fest. I would give it a creep factor of 10. It was obvious that this room was an add-on and not in the original design.

My dog would NOT go near the basement. He would stand in the kitchen and bark at the basement door. It really was odd…and made me hate that basement. I would avoid it at all costs. I still blame it today for my hate of the task of laundry (Perhaps misplaced hate, but who cares?).

Anyway, the dream (of which I will spare you all the details because reading about dreams is BORING) was so creepy. It centered around some sort of thing that was in our basement – a spirit or entity or something. The dog wouldn’t go down there in the dream either. I did go down, and in the middle of the floor was an aerosol can with the word LUCIFER written on it. I kept trying to get rid of the can and it kept showing up all over the house. It was pretty odd – considering this was prior to my mother’s holy roller phase, and I didn’t know what this word meant.

I told my mom about the dream. I refused to be anywhere near that basement. I wanted to just not be in that house at all – it was creepy, creepy, creepy. With its 7 layers of wallpaper walls, to its strange stains on the walls, to the odd company that was our neighbors. Everything about it emanated POSSESSED.

I guess my mom was freaked out a bit as well. She actually had a priest come bless the house. It was a strange ceremony and I am not really a believer in the evil stuff that people speak of – but it seemed to make things better.