Thoughts about IVF

  • The blood test is no big deal.

It should be no big deal. It should be fairly quick. And it would have - if it were not for my inability to bleed this morning. At all. Who knew that the body can just choose not to bleed? This better not be a sign of how my body plans to cooperate.

  • Don’t get your hopes up, or you may be setting yourself up for a huge let-down.

Of course my hopes are up. If I had no faith what-so-ever in IVF, why would I be spending so freaking much money on it?

  • If it is in God’s will, you will get pregnant.

How could God NOT want anyone to be pregnant? My husband and I talked about this one. Although we both believe in God – I am a little less interested in “God’s will”. He thinks it is because my mother was a Jesus-freak when I was growing up, and as a result, I am filled up to the top with God talk. I guess I agree. I should not be so bitter about this, but I read all of these stories online and can’t understand what kind of God would will people to go through infertility and miscarriages. It just doesn’t seem very Godly.

  • The shots are not that bad.

First off, the people telling me this are not ones who have to inject themselves. And the needle for some of this medicine – worse looking than the evil Novocain stuff the dentist uses. Bigger than my toothbrush. Comparable to PVC pipe if you ask me – not that I exaggerate or anything.

  • If your blood levels are good, you can start Lupron tonight.

And when I asked what would happen if the levels are not good, I was told that I get the lucky prize of waiting another month. By god blood, you better be good!

  • Alcohol is bad for the developing embryos.

We asked if I can still drink – alcohol, coffee, etc while on the Lupron – and the answer, after very odd looks from the staff at the Dr. office was “….ummmm, yes”. Do you think they wrote I am an alcoholic on my chart? I think they did.