Oh Canada!

Years ago I spent some time in St. Sauveur, Canada for work. My now husband was there with me – making it a fairly good memory for us both in spite of the fact that those Canadians from Quebec can be little shits at times. Now I am not saying I hate Canada. I am just saying that SOME of the people there – are MEAN! In fact, we have even returned once since then to relive the nice memories.

Things I loved about St. Sauveur:
Our hotel
Pretty, snowy nights
All the little lights on the hills
Jogging up the HUGE hill with the beautiful house at the top. I wanted to live in that house.
Drinking way too much cheap wine – and liking it
The fantastic hotel room with the fireplace
Luna’s Bonnie and Clyde
Papa Luigis. Oh my god – I love that restaurant.
La Petit Clocher Bed and Breakfast – so very very cute and tucked up in the hills….
Making fun of all signs and our inability to understand a damn thing
My first experience with Scotch (unfortunately it was VERY VERY cheap – Cutty Sark)
Realizing for the very first time that I loved my now-husband as he walking down the hall of the hotel toward me
“Mon professeur, mon amoureux, mon ami” – the engraving on the watch I gave my husband when we returned to Canada to reminisce

Things I was not so fond of:
Mike Diamond and his little attitude against me for not trying to speak French
French fries with curds. What is THAT about?
Being so cold outside that my hands stuck to the car
Kidney infection followed by the worst medical treatment imaginable
Our inability to understand a damn thing