Presidential Debate

So the debate last night? I didn't watch it. And - brace yourself - I don't feel like I missed a thing. It is all the news wants to chat about this morning. It is all over the papers, online, everywhere I turn. And still? I don't care.

While I have every intention of voting, I could not be less interested in who says what to whom. I don't care who smoked dope, who hates terrorists, who claims they are going to raise or lower taxes...because really - once they get in office, the basic ideas of the party supporting them will take over and all of this nonsense debating won't mean shit. I don't know why we kid ourselves and go on thinking that the folks running for office are able to break new ground, be their own person, run the government by themselves. Because people, they CAN'T. They are powerless without the support of the party behind them.

And that is why the debate, the commercials, the yard signs, the constant yammering on about all of this means nothing to me.