Crazy? Don't mind if I do!

Things that drive me crazy when reading online journals:

  1. "Squee" Just stop it already. Nobody freaking says "Squee" - so CUT IT OUT. I hate reading it. You can't like typing it. It is insane.
  2. "Gah" - nobody says that either. For god's sake, just stop! Write like you speak...it is not that difficult. I understand dramatic effect - but we have to draw the line.
  3. Opening your journal for comments, and then getting pissed off when someone comments. Please. If you want to hear what people say - be prepared for them to say exactly what they are thinking, exactly when they are thinking it. Otherwise, keep your journal to yourself, and stop pimping it to the rest of the world.
  4. Stop lecturing the readers of your journal. When you tell someone your troubles, they want to help. Either listen to them and filter what is useful and what is not, or don't listen. But for Christ's sake, stop listening and then bitching about it. What is the point there?
  5. If we read your journal, we enjoy your writing - it is nothing personal. We don't want to be you, visit you, live with you, and poke through your garbage. Stop being so paranoid.
  6. If you are asking for donations, quit your complaining about people asking personal information. You are a step above a man on the corner with a sign saying "will work for food" - be happy and be quiet about it.
  7. If you don't like my journal, don't read it. If I don't like yours, I won't read it. No comments needed...but please, feel free if it makes you feel better. Sticks and stones...
  8. This is therapy for me. I suppose I like it if someone reads it, but for the most part it feels good just to write. I don't need to be read to feel worthy of anything. You shouldn't need this either. It is the writing that is good - not so much the being read. If it is the being read that you crave, publishing a book might be the better route to mental stability.
  9. Online and real life do not equal same thing. Just because you think you know someone since you have been reading their creative writing for a long time really means nothing. Think of the times you have elaborated or exaggerated on here. Do you think that we are all totally honest in our "creative" writing? Yeah.
  10. LOL, ROFL, LMAO - let them go. They are old, old, old - and tired.

Am I in a mood or what?