I believe in...

I believe in sunsets and family pictures, letting all children have pets, a quiet Christmas, presents which are made not bought, holding hands, and sitting beside each other in a booth at restaurants.

I believe in reading good books multiple times, natural colored hair, spontaneity, family vacations, board games, and good coffee.

I believe in childhood secrets and best friends, sidewalk chalk, jump ropes, and chasing fireflies on warm summer evenings.

I believe in telling people that I love how much I love them – and doing it often. I believe in God and heaven and striving to be good. I believe that the Bible is simply a book of stories and not to be held too literally, that the devil is only an idea – something that we have created. I believe in all religions, and that not one single religion is right.

I believe in smiles and winking. I believe in cowboys, chivalry, having the door opened for me, dates and anniversaries. I believe in soul mates, best friends, forgiveness and making up. I believe in setting expectations and exceeding them. I believe in speaking through actions, that a picture paints a thousand words, that words are difficult to choose properly and many words have many different meanings.

I believe in a life full of love, lessons, happiness, learning, and the possibility that these things may be disguised as something very different than we expect.