As I was dropping my daughter off at school a few weeks ago, I saw a bus pull up that had warnings posted on the side. There were signs and words of caution for people approaching, passing, coming anywhere near the giant yellow accident-waiting-to-happen.

The bus had a big banner that said
"Following a few simple warnings could save a life:"
and it had pictures for signs such as Stop and Yield and Railroad Crossing

As I was waiting for a break in traffic to leave the parking lot from hell, I started thinking about the warnings...and how we needed them in everyday life. There are just too many stupid people out there NOT to have daily "how to live life" signs...don't you think?

Signs I feel would help us all:

  • Be careful what you say - it WILL come back to haunt you
  • If it seems easy, you are probably Doing it wrong
  • All people have feelings - do not do things to intentionally hurt them
  • Designated drivers really ARE a GOOD idea
  • Kids are fragile - please don't break them
  • Remember to say 'Please' and 'Thank you'
  • Waiters and Waitresses are PEOPLE - Treat them as such
  • Be nice to animals
  • It is your own responsibility to make yourself happy
  • Life is a gift, not a right
  • Marriage is work, and well worth it
  • You cannot make someone love you
  • You have to earn even your children's respect

What others can you think of?