I was sure the thing to have was GMail. I needed it. Everyone had it. I wanted it too. I.Must.Have.It.

Well, I now have it. And you know what? Eh. I am not sure what the big deal was. I have an account. It has no mail in it. I feel so empty.

It is kind of like when cabbage patch dolls were "it" and I had to have one. HAD TO. Finally got one, and same thing happened. Eh. It sat there, and looked cabbagy. It didn't do anything. In fact, after all that time trying to get one, I almost felt let down. Hopes are set so high that delivery of it is only a let down. Why is that? What is that craziness all about anyway?

Well - if you run into extra time - feel free to email me - I have an account... LossofMemory@gmail.com