Slipping Away

I want to play a game...a little mental exercise. This stems from a freaky dream that I had last night and cannot, for the life of me, get out of my head.

Imagine - for a moment...close your eyes, and imagine that:

Your daughter is smiling at you - laughing…happy…reaching for you…just as her hand touches your fingers, she is whisked away by someone or something that you cannot see…

The room darkens, the walls close in. You can hear her calling to you "Mommy…Mommy…I can't see you -where did you go? Help me Mommy. MOMMY!!!"

You look and look..you cannot find her.

You are searching - in a funhouse full of walls and mirrors… you finally can see her, but you cannot get to her. You reach to grab her and there is glass separating you - she is on the other side and you cannot get to her.

The panic is overwhelming…the need to be with her is all you can think of and there is no way to help her - to reach her - to be with her.

That is how I feel about my girls. All the time.