Do You Know the Muffin Man?

List of favorite things from childhood:

  1. Go Dog Go! - my favorite book ever.
  2. The big red kite that our gay neighbors used to fly in the church parking lot - it was as big as a van.
  3. Eating Space Food Sticks with my brother.
  4. My stuffed animal, Wesley the Weasel. He was pink. And ugly. And I loved him. A lot.
  5. My brother's favorite stuffed animal, Tony the Tiger.
  6. My brother's cute friend, Mark.
  7. My best friend, Little Tom. I once swear I saw a giant snake in his parents laundry basket - an old wicker round thing. I think I had seen Mutual of Omaha recently and was fixated on snakes.
  8. Baby squirrels that we found in our driveway, abondoned. We tried to save them, but they all eventually died. They looked like little rats.
  9. My butterfly shirt. This was a shirt that had a sequence butterfly on it. I wore it all the time. I was actually grounded from it once... my mom wouldn't let me wear it because I was in trouble.
  10. The birthday parties we would have for my brother in our back yard.
  11. My garden - I grew lima beans and sunflowers. I tried to grow carrots, but they didn't do much. I tried pumpkins and watermelon with no luck also.
  12. Our swing set. My brother and I would sit on top and singing The Carpenter's On Top of the World as loud as we could.
  13. When I rode a bike without training wheels for the first time. This happened right before I was forced to put the training wheels on for a long bike ride so that I wouldn't fall and get hurt. I was not happy.
  14. Catching lightening bugs and putting them in a jar - and then letting them go because I felt sorry for them.
  15. Bringing home EVERY stray animal I found.
  16. Crawling into my mom's bed in the mornings after she got up to get ready for work and listening to Kenny Roger's The Gambler on the radio.
  17. Finding a ouija board and playing with it with my mom. She later burned it when she found God.
  18. My mom leading our girl scout troup in second grade.
  19. Making houses in the park out of leaves - using them to outline where the rooms would be - and playing house for hours with my friend Stephanie Singleton.
  20. Making a hunted house in Stephanie's garage.
  21. Playing Peter in the 4th grade school play, Peter Pan. I was a girl, playing Peter... yeah. Michael was also played by a girl... odd to think of now.
  22. Pajamas with feet in them.
  23. Sunday school.
  24. The Bell Choir. We played bells on Sunday mornings.
  25. YMCA Classes. Gymnastics and swimming were two of my favorties. One class I didn't really get into was one on being a lady - lasted about 6 weeks and taught poise and proper manners... so silly. I remember a ballet class where they played "Feelin' Groovy" for warmups.
  26. Art classes at Century Center in South Bend. I won first prize for a still life painting that I did there.
  27. Playing in the giant water pipes that ran into the St. Joseph river (after being told not to by our mom)
  28. Playing D&D with my brother until really late at night.
  29. Playing Atari for hours at our friend's house in Culver all weekend.
  30. Cartoons on Saturday morning. H.R. Puff N Stuff.