Roark broke his head

His breaking things appears to be a trend at our house. One I hope we can put a stop to soon.

Saturday evening while we were watching the Longhorn football game, the boys were running around the house (literally) acting like three year olds. Dad and Vivian were over, which I am sure had the boys keyed up a notch (as they LOVE Nana and Papa and feel the need to show off around them). I spent much of the day and evening telling them to slow down, be careful, and “stop doing that” – worried that they were going to get hurt. I spend a lot of time worrying about that. And I had just told them to settle down and had finished glaring at Todd as if it was all his fault, when we heard a very loud THUD followed by Roark screaming. He had tripped or tumbled or something – resulting in his head meeting with the corner of a wall, creating a nice little slightly bleeding, gaping crack in his head.

I took one look at his head, imagined him bleeding to death in his sleep (or getting blood on our carpeting) and decided he needed stitches. So – off Todd and I went with Roark to the pediatric after hours place. And this is where it gets kind of funny. They glued his head back together. With super glue. They called it something else, but I swear that is what it was. They simply filled the crack with glue and held it together until it dried. I COULD HAVE DONE THAT MYSELF.

We have spent the last few days trying to keep him fairly calm so that he won’t split it opened again, making stitches a necessity. It has been a pain, especially since he found out we have skateboards in the garage (left over from the girls very quickly passing interest years ago) and want to ride them RIGHT NOW. I just cannot see letting Roark on a freaking skateboard with a broken head.

Bets on what he breaks next? Perhaps next week when we let them near the boards of death?