Welcome to the 7th Circle (now owned by Marriott)

I swear I was just here in California. Oh wait. I was. I flew home last Friday and here I am back again on Sunday. And I am a little annoyed by it all. See...we typically stay at a courtyard or something equal in cost when there is a big group of us traveling together. However last week a few of us were in town for pre-meetings and we stayed at a nice hotel. SO I went ahead and booked a block of rooms for all of this week for a big group of people. And they messed it up but good.

They had me arriving Tuesday night. Leaving Wednesday night. I am actually here now (sunday) and not leaving until Friday. So they are already wrong. I got a speach about how they may not have a room for me all week and may need to send me to another hotel - which is fine. I dont care at this point (note to self NEVER STAYING HERE AGAIN). I get to my room. On the second floor. Right inside from the air conditioning units or the pool filters or god knows what...but they are ugly and it looks like a trailer park out there. HATE THIS ROOM. Oh as a bonus the ceiling is leaking over the second double bed - flaking off onto the floor...very fancy. This room SUCKS. The rate....frightening. Must make it through Friday so I can get out of here.