I have been having trouble with my vision. I really should consider Lasik surgery, but just don't want to go there. I had my prescription updated a few months ago at a new eye doctor because of changes in insurance, and they put me in daily disposable contacts...which I had never used before. I tried them. I hated them. I couldn't see out of them. Things were fuzzy and they were yucky. So a few weeks ago I went back to my old eye doctor, figuring I would just pay out of pocket - because I like her. And she knows me. And I have been going there for, well, forever. Guess what? Eyes are WORSE. 2 months later. Significantly worse. Interesting (ok, only interesting to me).

I am now the proud owner of gas permeable lenses, which honestly - I hate. They are supposed to keep my vision from getting worse and are supposed to help with the damage my eyes have from the steroids and other drugs they had me on last year. Apparently my eyes took a hit and this is the best way to keep them stable. Wow - I had this kind of lens 7 years ago, and I really don't remember them being that hard to get used to. They are horrible. I am sorta wishing I had not gone back to my old eye doctor.