I know nobody

Last night in Malibu - we ate at a nice restaurant on the water. It was fairly casual - Paradise Cove if you must know. Nosey nosers. We were a group of about 22 people, and have been given a fairly large table that could seat 10-12. We were also given a couple of other tables that could seat up to 5 - bringing us right to 22. And then someone else showed up and it got crowded. My boss moved low man on totem pole to the kiddie table and stuck me in the middle of entertainment territory - squashed in with no place to go.

There I was at dinner. In a corner. no escape. Facing 5 people I had just met and was supposed to entertain, get to know, make them feel like I truly cared about them on some level...or some bullshit.

So - I learned that Randy hates cucumbers. He ate like 200 when he was a kid and got so sick he cannot eat them anymore. His wife and son are Chinese and they tend to eat a lot of traditional Chinese food. Like feet. and they eat stinky fruit.

The other guy, Art, wants to be a bartender on a tropical island.

Todd wants to be a professional photographer. and Chris wants to be a feng shui auditor. Those are life-long dreams. Randy also said that he wants to sail a boat. Mr. Miller said he wants to sail tiger woods boat - meaning he only has to drive 2 times a year. The rest of the time he can just goof off. Sounds fun.

When I was asked what my dream job was (that is what i get for being so talky) I couldn't think of anything. A writer would be nice. A artists. Write books. I don't know - that all seems too personal to share with those people. Better to share here where I really know...nobody.