I bought new black dress shoes last week. I am not really a shoe person, meaning I don’t own a lot of them. I tend to have a pair of black and a pair of brown shoes for summer and then buy winter-appropriate ones in the same colors along with a pair of boots. I will go a few years with a pair of shoes before replacing them. I do tend to go through a few pair of flip flops in a year, but those cannot count…they are cheap and expendable. The dress shoes though – I have determined that they are worth buying nice ones so that they last and stay in style.

So back to the shoes I bought last week. They are this shoe but all black.

They are cute. But holy hell the heels are high. I don’t mean “oh man…my feet are sore” kind of high. I mean “OH MY GOD SOMEBODY KILL ME PLEASE” kind of high. I wore them for two hours last week and was hurting. But I am stupid, so I brought them to California with me on a business trip – and the only other shoes I brought are made for jogging. Not a good look with business attire. They detract from the skirt. And the cuff links. I still have to suffer through those shoes for another day and I am not really sure how I am going to manage. Today I broke down and bought some inserts for the base of the shoe that is supposed to make them hurt less. By the way – they don’t work.

Right now I am laying in the hotel bed with feet that are cramping worse than a 17 year old girl on her period. (You are welcome for that visual. It comes at no extra charge.) I think I may have permanently damaged something in my feet. Send replacements. Feet – not shoes.

I did buy new shoes. They are black. Pretty. Not quite as high. I am testing them today in a marathon 12 hour or longer day. Because I am stupid. Will report back because I know that you care.