I bought new sunglasses. Again. See, I have had this struggle with finding some that worked for me. I had a fairly nice pair for about 3 or 4 years. I didn’t lose them, didn’t scratch them, and was fairly happy with them. And then I put them in the pocket of a running jacket and they went through the wash. They really didn’t function after that. They were scratched and bent, and in general disarray. So began my hunt for new sunglasses.

I started with a cheap pair from a drug store. They were very inexpensive (maybe $10.00). They worked for a day or so while we were at the pool – managing to pretty much block the sun and spare me from squinting in order to avoid burning my eye balls. Then, I began to notice that my vision was distorted while wearing them. Things looked bent or wavy, or something not-quite-right.

While on our trip across the country to Michigan a few weeks ago I gave them to the boys who promptly stepped on them or sat on them, or something else fairly destructive. So on the way back to Texas I picked up another pair at a sporting goods store. That pair was more expensive (maybe $30.00) and was polarized (which they claimed should keep the vision from being distorted). As you can see, I am cheap when it comes to glasses… I just didn’t think I should pay a lot for freaking plastic. Those glasses, however, actually MADE THINGS BRIGHTER. Which – is totally NOT what I was looking for in sunglasses. I wore them about a day and retired them in the same fashion as the previous ones.

While killing time over the weekend while people were invading our home (also known as viewing our now for sale house) we stopped in at another sporting goods store. The boys tried to convince us to let them ride the skateboards they had on display (we did NOT let them – see earlier post on Roark breaking his head as to why we are mean, mean parents) while I looked at sunglasses. Again.

I really only had three requirements: Don’t make things brighter, don’t distort my vision, and cost less than $50.00. It didn’t take very long to find several pair that I liked. However they were all a lot more than $50.00. I have a friend who boasted about his love for Maui Jim’s, so I looked at those and some Oakley’s. HOLY CRAP those things are expensive. Even the cheap ones were way out of my price range. So I figured 2 out of the three requirements filled were not bad, and sucked up the cost. I now own very nice, very very expensive glasses. They had best not disappoint me.