Exercise, Parenting, and Sex

Well - for starters go watch this. This will give you a glimpse into my sense of humor. I cannot stop laughing at how ridiculous this is. And funny. Did I mention the funny?

Moving along - The 30 Day Shred is all the rage these days. It is supposed to be an ass-kicking workout that reduces any participants to tears after a few days. I guess I am starting out in OK shape because of my running - and I did only do level one today...but I am not seeing it. I suppose I will wait to judge too closely until tomorrow, however I don't think it is anything compared to this. Bill Blanks Ultimate Tao Bo really kicked my butt. And that workout was SO LONG. The Jilian Michaels one is only 20 minutes long...so it just didn't feel as horrible. Isn't it sad that we judge exercise by how crappy it makes us feel? The worse I feel, the better I think it must be. Sick.

Today brought with it a trip to Target for a birthday present, a workout tape, and weights. Tonight brought the worlds largest burrito, thanks to Chipotle. Tomorrow brings a birthday party (during the boys naptime - not sure how I am going to work THAT out) and a trip to the library. And then - back to work.

I am solo parenting this week - and determined to do that 30 day thing - well...for thirty days - so I don't how pleasant I will be this for the next few days. Come to think of it - I shouldn't be any worse than normal. I bitch a lot.

Oh - we were talking at work last week...sick people that we are...about places to have sex. Fun places. There were some great ones thrown out, along with the usual: shower, hotel, bathroom, airplane, subway, conference room table, walk-in freezer, dressing room, church confession booth, deer stand (I work with some strange people), woods, park, boat, winery, car, baby grand piano (I just thought of that one right now), kitchen counter, museum/art gallery exhibit, library, beach lifeguard chair... that is all I can think of. What are your contributions?