Shred - Day 4

I don't know if you are sick of hearing about my descent into the realm of pain...if so, you sadly have 27 more days of recaps. If not, you have 27 more days of recaps! See how I spin that? Am an educated woman...can do ANYTHING. Well, except thrive while doing that god damned effing bitch of a workout. Today I did level 2, only because level 1 was so hard yesterday. No - you didn't miss anything...it doesn't make sense. I seldom do. Also - I have a cold. Please play tiny violins for me.

Right now House is on. And while it is playing, I am not really watching it. I am sitting here wondering if my knees are going to explode. That workout? Hard on the joints. And yes, Jayson - I KNOW I should ride a bike already.

Tonight brings promises of Nyquil and hopefully a good nights sleep.