Jagermeister...not just for breakfast anymore.

There is a bit of a story behind the Brittany episode. It involves about 24 oz of Jagermeister mixed with Monster energy drink, chugged over what sounds like a .25 seconds or something equally as disturbing. This was followed by much puking, crying, begging for her friend to take her home or call me…which nobody did. They did however try to give her a sleeping pill so that she would shut up. Thank GOD she threw that up. She apparently asked them to call 911 at one point before passing out. And NOBODY CALLED ME. Now I am not directly blaming anyone except for my asinine daughter for this drinking disaster, but I do wonder what in the hell they were thinking.

I can assure you that the “friend” of hers that didn’t call me, tried to give her sleeping pills, and then texted me, pretending she was Brittany asking if she could spend the night at a friend’s will never be allowed at our house, nor will my daughter go anywhere with her again. I can also assure you that the 18 year old boy that came to get my daughter, introduced himself to me, and FAILED TO BRING HER BACK HOME - abandoning her with her “friend”, will never date her again. How ugly we make this for him remains to be seen. At a minimum, he will be meeting with Todd and answering some very difficult questions. We are contemplating worse outcomes involving his parents and the word statutory, however I am not sure what course of action we will take.

I do know one thing – when the boys are older and dating, we will have a new rule to add to the growing list for their dates… they will ALWAYS take their date home on time, and in the same condition they picked her up in. I cannot believe that a boy would abandon his date and NOT TAKE HER HOME. I really want to kill him.