Friday! Where are you?

I ran for the third day in a row. At night again - didn't make it out until around 10:30 and didn't run long. Was back by 11:00. We had a ridiculously long and insane day followed by a long and insane dinner - so having run at all makes me happy. Tomorrow is another day full of meetings starting very early and ending very late - but then things slow down a bit around here...which is nice. I am ready for a slow down.

Lots of work rumors shared and confirmed on this trip - that is always fun. Had a few good conversations with my boss and am spending time with some folks I work with. I know it sounds boring, but it has its good points. I really like some of these people and it is fun to see them. I still miss home a LOT though. Talking to the boys on the phone is not the same as seeing them...and not seeing Todd is killing me.

Friday cannot get here soon enough.