Driving and Living

Driving down the road, looking at all of the neon signs, car dealerships, high rise buildings, I begin to wish for the simpler times. I wonder how life in the 1800’s would have differed and how much of my energy would be consumed by frivolous things. There are so many things bidding for our attention, for our money. Everywhere you look there is some ad or store trying to get you to spend some of your time there, some of your money there, some of your energy thinking about them. It seems unfair. Why should I spend even a second glancing at a bulletin board for Harley Davidson Motorcycles, or La Madeline coffee? It seems wrong to use my mental abilities to think about Saab’s or Mustangs, or even boats. I hate that we have so much pressuring us in life – so many things distracting us from just LIVING.